Whilst your favourite luxury restaurant provides beautiful food and a wonderful ambience, sometimes nothing can be more intimate than your own home; so here are a few ideas for a luxury dining out experience in your very own home.

Dining Ideas

Dining at home needn’t follow the traditional methods of one partner doing the cooking and the other enjoying the fruits of the other’s labour. Here are some ways that you can create a luxury dining experience at home, in three different methods. (more…)


beautiful women a smile lying on white carpet in a black dress

There’s something luxurious about kicking off your shoes and walking across a luxury carpet with its soft and gentle texture under your tired feet. While some people favour other flooring materials, many of us are returning to the idea that a good carpet is the best option for them. Some people were turned away from carpets due to the need for a leicester carpet cleaning company when something went wrong but now, luxury carpets have a high stain resistance. (more…)



Living a life of luxury means having the best of everything and for it to be available whenever you decide that you want it. It might not occur to many people, but this applies to something as apparently mundane as the hot water systems homeowners often take for granted. You can have the most luxurious marble bathroom with gold plated taps and fittings, but it somehow seems to lose its “luxury” tag if you decide to have a shower at four in the afternoon after a couple of rounds of golf, only to find that the water is lukewarm.

Luckily for us there is an answer to the problem of erratic water heating, and no – it’s not solar power. Solar power can be good, but there is something even better and that is a heat pump. Better still, a heat pump can supply constant hot water yet it doesn’t come with a luxury price tag, usually costing less than solar to install. It’s also about as environmentally friendly as you can get. (more…)


This clip has some beautiful luxury home inspiration, but all the properties have something in common. They’re all built from shipping containers!

There are a fair few benefits from building your luxury home in this fashion; it cuts costs, it’s environmentally friendly and it’s exceptionally quick in comparison to other build methods. But the best thing about getting involved in this kind of project for your new home, is the amount of leeway with the design it gives you. There is a real chance to stamp your own style on this kind of build, there are vastly greater options for the location and size of the property for example and you get an amazing space to really let your imagination run wild with. And, when the end product could turn out like the beauties in this clip, it is certainly an idea to toy with.


When it comes to luxury cars, they don’t come more luxurious than the Mercedes S Class. Not only in terms of comfort, but also the technology and gadgets that help to make any drive more luxurious. This video from Luxurious Magazine shows how technology that means you might not even have to drive your luxury car isn’t that far off.



Investing in hardwood timber flooring can be a great way to add some luxury, and thousands in value, to your property, and make your home look stunning. But in order to make sure your wood floor is luxurious rather than a liability, you must make sure that it is correctly installed. The last thing you want is inadequate damp proofing causing issues with your new floors – something that expert companies who provide the kind of damp proofing London homes need, are well aware of. Here are the basic ways in which you can install a solid wood floor in your home. (more…)


luxury value

There are lots of reasons that you might want to add luxury and value to your home. You may be planning to sell it in the future and want to spend money in ways that will enhance its value or make it stand out from the crowd. Or you might want to invest some money into the property and give it the features you love. Whatever the case, here are some ideas to help you find the right ways to do this.

The big changes

One of the biggest ways to add luxury and value to your home is to make it larger – a loft conversion, an extension or a conservatory are among the most popular. They are also the most expensive options and don’t always give the full return on investment when you come to sell the house but do add a wow factor to the property that could make all the difference.

Depending on the size and layout of the property, a loft conversion can be used for anything from a master bedroom, a home cinema room or a home office to advanced storage space for a house lacking in it. Extensions, likewise, have a wide range of applications and some homes can add double storey versions to maximise the space. Conservatories are a little more limiting but add a very eye-catching feature to the home.

Change the internal features

Another way to add value to your home is to change the internal features and upgrade them to something different and special. A simple example is the fireplace – a functional element in any room that can easily be transformed into something stunning. An antique fireplace from Westland, for example, can make a perfect dominant feature in a living room or a master bedroom, regardless whether it is paired with an active real fire system or not.

Staircases are something almost every home features but these can easily be transformed into an amazing, luxury feature, especially if they are open-plan into the living room. The glass staircase is popular for its modern looks but also the fact that it allows a better flow of light throughout the house than wood versions. Expert companies now also produce these styles of staircases for smaller spaces, such as spiral and helical designs that pair well with loft conversions.

Add a luxury feature

You can also add something to the home that might seem purely luxurious but is also somewhat practical and adds massive appeal to the property. A wine cellar isn’t a new idea with a spiral cellar based around a staircase is a very modern idea that has proven popular. Wine walls are another idea, a great way to partition a room that is also completely practical as a place to store wine and spirits.

While a swimming pool might seem desirable, studies show these can have a negative effect in the UK. However, features such as hot tubs are popular and easier to maintain and use than a swimming pool and definitely have the luxury factor.



Cro-Exclusive Ying YangImage from Cro-Exclusive

Go on, admit it – we’ve all sat there watching one of these TV shows on the homes of the rich and famous and wished like mad it could be ours. Living in a luxury house or villa, enjoying the beautiful views and the access to great nightlife or shopping. While we might all think this lifestyle is out of our reach without millions in the bank, that isn’t completely true. It is possible to have access to this lifestyle, or at least the houses involved in it, through luxury holiday villas. And here are a few ideas to help start your holiday plans!


London remains one of the most important cities in the world and there is so much to do that spending a month there would only scratch the surface. The Argyll Road II luxury townhouse is spread over five floors and can accommodate up to 10 people at a time, with children equally welcome. The house is in Kensington Gardens, just a short walk from the Kensington High Street with its museums and shops as well as places to eat and drink. The townhouse has all the modern conveniences to make a stay pleasant as well as its own balcony and a terrace garden complete with a barbeque.


Tourism is a crucial part of the economy and Croatia and as such, there is all styles of homes and villas available. Ying Yang is one of a growing number of luxury Croatian villas, and is found on the island of Pag, set among the clear seas of the Adriatic and just a short distance from the buzzing nightlife of Zrce beach. The views of the ocean and the mountains are breath-taking and the villa makes full use of them with an outdoor pool, patio, garden and a barbeque as well as its own wine room. It is suitable for between four and seven people.


If your idea of luxury involves hitting the ski slopes, then the Chalet Le R in the Three Valleys, France, is the perfect solution. This stunning, modern chalet offers stunning views of the slopes of the Three Valleys ski area and easy access to the ski lifts. For those days spend in the chalet, there is an indoor swimming pool, hot tub and sauna. The chalet comes with a host who can collect you each morning for the start of skiing and even provide a private nanny if the kids are staying behind for the day.

If you prefer a little more sun, the Luminx villa is on the Cote d’Azur in the South of France and offers amazing scenery with St Paul de Vence just a short distance away. The villa can accommodate ten people, has its own swimming pool with surrounding terraces and even comes with a private chef as well as a host to help organise your days.


Sea Villa offers a taste of the Caribbean with its Infinity Edge pool overlooking the beach and Jacuzzi as well as outdoor dining pavilion. There are four maser suites within the villa and all the modern conveniences are included while it has its own private pathway straight to the beach.


In our article on adding both luxury and value to your home, we touched very briefly on the kinds of extensions that could benefit your property. The Real Homes Transformation Awards shortlist has provided us with a stunning example of an extension that adds not only luxury and value, but also real practicality for a family space. In particular, check out the beautiful feature wall around the fire in the new ‘adult living room’, the gorgeous petite en suite in one of the two new bedrooms and the amazing lighting added by those huge windows.


private-partyGetting your home to where it is now likely took a lot of time, work and money. You have a beautiful luxury home and you are justifiable proud of it. You enjoy spending time in it and having friends around or guests to stay. But what if there was a way to make a little extra money from your luxury home?

Earning its upkeep

If you like the idea of your home earning its own upkeep, then there are plenty of ways to do this. Gone are the days of Tupperware parties or taking in long term lodgers. In today’s ‘sharing economy’ as it is termed, there are lots of ways for us to use our private spaces to make some money without handing them over long term to someone else.

One way to make some extra money without needing to lose your house for long periods of time is to rent it out for high end parties. Sure, people who attend these parties often have luxury homes of their own. But no-one wants to attend a party in the same place every time so they are often looking for somewhere different.

One word of caution about the private party idea – things can occasionally get a little out of control so it is always best to use a professional party planning company to handle the event. That way all you need to do is sit back and let them make all the arrangements and handle the aftermath as well!

Short term lets

There are also a variety of short term let ideas that may suit a number of homes. One novel idea that has surfaced in recent years involves renting your home to a film or TV crew to use as a location. If you have watched TV at all in recent years, you will likely have seen someone’s house without realising it. Many production companies rent real homes rather than build costly sets and when you have a luxury house, you could get into this. Again, use the services of a leading London location agency to handle the whole deal for you.

Maybe you have heard of Airbnb? Founded back in 2007, the company has taken off and the website now includes over 2 million homes over 190 countries. The idea is simple – you can list your spare bedroom on the site and receive a short term renter. When you have a luxury home, you will often be looking at businessmen or people who want a holiday but want to stay in a high quality house rather than a hotel.

The concept of renting all or part of your house out for a variety of reasons is one that continues to grow. Using that unused space to generate some extra income is ideal, using a professional company to manage the rent takes the stress out of it and all you need to do is remember to register the extra income with the tax man to avoid any problems down the line.