beautiful women a smile lying on white carpet in a black dress

There’s something luxurious about kicking off your shoes and walking across a luxury carpet with its soft and gentle texture under your tired feet. While some people favour other flooring materials, many of us are returning to the idea that a good carpet is the best option for them. Some people were turned away from carpets due to the need for a leicester carpet cleaning company when something went wrong but now, luxury carpets have a high stain resistance.

All in the material

So when you are picking a carpet, how do you know that the one you are looking at is going to give the luxury feel? The first thing to consider is the material and for the ultimate luxury carpet, wool is the top choice. Wool is warm and luxurious but also very durable meaning that it can work perfectly even in high traffic areas of the house. It is also naturally resistant to stains so while carpet cleaning may be needed occasionally, the carpet will be able to fight off many lesser stains.

If you want the feel of luxury but want to aim for something a little less expensive than pure wool, then a wool blend is a great compromise. Most blend carpets make use of wool and a nylon blend so cost less than pure wool while still offering that luxurious feel on the feet. Carpets by big names such as Axminster and Wilton tend to be 80% wool and 20% nylon so still have the same resistant abilities and durability.

Practical considerations

As well as feeling great to walk on and being able to resist many stains, luxury carpets are also good for other practical reasons. For a start off, a good carpet can reduce your electricity bills because they insulate a room and hold in the warmth. This means that when it gets colder, your carpet is saving you money on those costly utility bills.

If you have kids or there are members of the household who are unsteady on their feet, then a good carpet can act to minimalize injuries. No matter how good, the carpet won’t bounce people back up on their feet but will reduce an injury compared with other flooring options. Even the cat or dog can benefit from the carpet when they take a corner too quickly – they won’t go skidding and knock the vase over because they can get traction on the carpet.

As well as insulating against heat, carpet also insulated against noise – this is the reason that some condos around the world require wall-to-wall carpeting. With TVs, computers, surround sound systems and even just those who are a bit heavy on their feet, we can all make more noise than we realise. A carpet can absorb a lot of this and mean there are no neighbours complaining about the noise.

Caring for a carpet

Every manufacturer will give you advice on how to care for their specific carpet when you buy it and by following these instructions, you can further lengthen the lifespan of the carpet. Wool and wool blend carpets are very durable and need only minimal care with regular vacuuming being at the heart of it. With the occasional professional clean and the right treatment for any unexpected stains, a luxury carpet can last for many years.