It is a well known fact that Bill Gates spent over $100 million on a home that controls everything from lighting to digital art that projects itself onto the walls, and changes at set intervals. Whilst there are systems on the market to automate your home for all manner of budgets, luxury home automation systems that cater to those with more sophisticated tastes, offer incredible capabilities in terms of form and function – controlled through any one of a variety of different mobile apps, to make total control of your home as straightforward as it is impressive.

This article details the latest offerings in cutting edge, luxury home automation technology, and describes the amazing capabilities that the top of the range systems can offer. (more…)


home-securityWhilst the risk of being burgled appears to be falling, having spent a significant amount of money on both your home and your belongings, it makes sense to properly protect them. In taking appropriate precautions you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your luxury home is properly protected.

Below we look at some of the steps you can take in safeguarding your home, from adding alarms and cameras to your property, to investing in home safes to protect your valuables in case all other measures fail. (more…)


Luxury Smart House Illustration

Did you know that the latest home automation systems can be programmed to control your:

  • Heating/Cooling system and hot water heater
  • Indoor lighting, appliances, audio/video, curtains and blinds
  • Outdoor lighting, garage door, sprinkler system, pool and spa

There are even systems that could feed your pets and have your coffee ready when you awake and more! All while saving you money in the process! (more…)


There’s luxury, and then there’s…